About Kaynes Specials

Unleashing The Gem From Deep Within

 When the desire consumed me and ideas overflowed from within, I decided that it was the right time to start the blog, and as you can see, everything fell into place, and Kaynes Specials was created. When I was in charge of my life, I couldn’t get things right no matter how hard I tried. My life without God was falling apart and in chaos. People called me rejected and tossed me aside, but God wrapped me in his warm embrace.

You don’t even have to believe he loves you If it’s so damn hard to comprehend. Keep in mind that once you are rejected, God embraces you, gives you a new name and calls you chosen! Remember that as long as you are still alive, you will always be valuable to God. He is never going to let you out of his sight. He will never let you down or leave you hanging.

When the world rejects you, God accepts you. The world’s rejection of you equals total acceptance by God. You have to be rejected by the world to really fit into your place of authority and position as a chosen one! God can use anybody, but the ones cast and tossed aside are the vessels he seeks and are a delight in his sight. I am telling you today that the world can hate you 10x times, but God will keep loving and rooting for you 100x times till you take your last breath.

Don’t get me wrong, but just because you’re tossed aside and chosen doesn’t make you a substitute. God isn’t feeling pity for you. Your greatness is so bright that the world is completely blind to it. You outshine others to the point that your light becomes invisible to the human eye. God sees everything, so He chose you because you’re everything the world is missing. You are the one the world needs to fill the void and emptiness of nations and generations. The missing piece to the world’s puzzle is you.

Kaynes Specials is a blog designed to empower women to move to a higher level in their life. To instill and enrich women with the necessary skills to navigate life’s journey.

The world qualifies you for mundane and earthly things. God qualifies you for heavenly riches and eternity with him. If the world fully accepts you, no matter how much God reaches out to you, you would not be able to see beyond the human eye. God has blessed us with wings, but how would we learn to fly if we are constantly carried, smoldered, pampered, protected, and cocooned. If danger doesn’t strike, what’s the need to fly when we can walk or waltz through life.

Trials and tribulations aren’t meant to break us. They just complicate the normal process and routine we’ve become fully accustomed to. This is when things aren’t going our way, and our natural human instinct is to quit, sometimes even blame, curse, abuse God and give up. But this is when you’re meant to fly, do things differently and out of the ordinary.

 God chooses the rejected because they have to change their way of thinking. Seeing as they are rejected, things can’t remain the same. Something is different about them. The fact that they stand out and defy societal standards is what draws God to them. GOD has a soft spot for people of their caliber. He desires to work with them because they possess similar attributes to him.

Kaynes Specials main objective is to seek out the overlooked and forgotten ones. God didn’t put so much time, effort, and love into creating you just for you to be a mere human with no significance. You are significant; you matter to God. He wouldn’t have bothered molding you and shaping you into this embodiment of beauty and perfection if you didn’t.

Kaynes Specials is for women who experienced so much pain to the point of running away and hiding from the world even after the constant repetitive process of numbing themselves to the pain and pressure. Who are trying to cope, survive and manage and for women who couldn’t even stand the pain anymore and gave up. 

God brought me this far. To leave it all behind and want to go back, start over from that point… The place God delivered me from when it was getting too hard to survive and I wanted out was the plan of the enemy. At that time, I could even boast of being the happiest and even the most peaceful with a deep feeling of peace and tranquility. I felt the most joyful because I could finally breathe. I felt the most fulfilled even without any achievement.

I looked to the heavens and laughed. God, I was this broken, shattered, and wounded, but I couldn’t even feel it. Your mercy covered my inadequacies, filled up every void and emptiness, clothed my nakedness, and healed my wounds and deep-rooted scars. How is it even possible for me to be alive?

I didn’t even have the strength to give up. How crazy does that sound? Giving up is out of weakness and hopelessness, so it doesn’t even take or require any ounce of strength. It saps out all your energy and hope. When the voices of hopelessness were getting louder, God was making his 10x louder.

He shook the mountains, and his voice erupted like a volcano. His spirit resonated into my very being. God had always spoken, told me things, and opened my eyes to profound truths. But at that point, my ears were blocked from so many voices dictating how I should live my life. What steps to take? Even trying to measure how fast the time of my life is supposed to run.

I knew then that my time had just begun. It was the wrong battery in the clock all this while. But now it has been reset. Now I’m changing/ changed, transforming/ transformed, healing/ healed, being cleansed, exfoliated, scrubbed, cleansed of every impurity, blemishes, discolorations, scars, wounds, and hurts. I finally started getting a glimpse of who God created me to be.

God gave me his glasses to wear, and I was entirely baffled coming to this startling and utterly mind-blowing realization and revelation that no dictionary or book could describe my worth and perfection. I’d even have to borrow a book from Heaven’s Dictionary of creating perfection to describe how deep and wide God’s love is for me. I screamed perfection. God looks at me and sees perfection.

Kaynes Specials revolves around God’s love for you and is specially designed to help you overcome traumatic experiences, pains from the past, rejection, anxiety, depression, and panic attacks.

Always remember that: “Life leaves you insane, but  God makes you sane” – Kaynes Specials

“As the sun keeps on shining, so will you keep smiling.” – Kaynes Specials

“Don’t give up on yourself because life has not given up on you. The day life gives up on you is the day you die. So, don’t give up on yourself.” Kaynes Specials



1  What was the Idea Behind The Blog?

Honestly, making this decision wasn’t easy. It was a long process of analyzing, gauging, researching, brainstorming, mind-mapping, and a whole lot of procrastination to get to this stage. Have you ever had that feeling of wanting to do everything at once? Being a jack of all trades, loving this, wanting that. The time when a deep need to venture into something becomes an obsession, addiction, and a must.

The overwhelming feeling completely numbs you when you don’t make things right and get on with it! The main thing is everything looked attractive, and I wanted to dabble into it. A lifestyle blog was my first option- You know, the ability to be extensive, elaborate, and cover a wide range of topics.  It took me months of trial and error to finally discover and come to that realization that Hannah, you’re wasting your time. You are silly—  

There is this part of you that takes the disciplinarian role to help bring you back on track when you stray away from what is vital. I practically became a mother scolding her kid. All the research showed that with the advent of time, choosing a broad niche is a no-go-area in this time and age, especially if you are a newbie to the blogging biz. It doesn’t work that way. You have to be specific. But you know that even with all that deep-rooted information, the strong-willed me was still overpowering and fighting for dominance, wanting to have the final say.

So, there you have it. I stay glued to my lifestyle blog desire, and it kept me in a wave of never-ending problems of brain block, procrastination, crazy motivation, and zeal one minute, and then boom!!! Nothing to show for!!!

I also realized that having so much inspiration, motivation and deal isn’t all there is to success. It all starts from within. If your heart, mind, and soul are yearning for something, but your brain wants something else, it becomes tough to maneuver. Because honestly, your brain is the key to the door of your success; your heart and mind are spare keys. Your brain sets the path while your heart follows after. This is my ideal principle for success.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t chase your dreams and passions. It just means that every part of you has to be on board for you to achieve success. When your brain speaks, you process it in your mind, but most significantly, you need your heart’s confirmation and validation to complete the process.

Eventually, I had to make that decision, and soon enough, I saw things become simplified, and now Kaynes Specials for Women is live proof of that.


2 What gave the inspiration for the Blog name?

Kaynes Specials For Women and Tagline- Unleashing The Gem From Deep Within

It means Surpassing Society’s Standard and Realizing that you are a daily dose of Perfection- A message to the beautiful You!!!

The tagline is to help young women realize that they are perfect and don’t need any opinion or people pleasers to fit into society. To help you realize that every single piece of writing on this blog is a message to beautiful women. This means every single one who stumbles on my blog is a beauty to behold.


3 Who is this blog for?

1 My audience and readersKaynes Specials for Women is for beautiful young women in their twenties and early thirties. And not to be biased, I also feel that an 18-year-old and women above 30 could find valuable information that would change their life.


4 What type of issues will you find clarity on?

Basically, this blog is to help women unleash the deep rooted gem within them.  To help women realize that they are immovable, unstoppable, no one can tear you down, delay or stagnate you. You have the power to be who you want to be, but most especially who God desires you to be. To outshine others, cities, nations, generations.

“ Life leaves you insane, but  God makes you sane” – Kaynes Specials

“ As the sun keeps on shining, so will you keep on smiling”

“Don’t give up on yourself because life has not given up on you. The day life gives up on you is the day you die, So, don’t give up on yourself.” Kaynes Specials


5 What is Kaynes Specials for Women all about?

Kaynes Specials for Women shares a broad variety of contents centered around personal growth and spirituality as a whole.

For all-round personal growth, you need to start from the basics. Like, for instance taking good care of your mental and emotional health because if these areas are ignored, then you can’t fully grow and develop.


Here is a sneak-peek of what topics will be discussed!

  1. Under Mental Health: Aspects like Trauma, anxiety, depression and panic attacks will be discussed.
  2.  Under Emotional Health: The two aspects of emotional health will be discussed. The positive and negative emotions with tips and tricks to manoeuver through both stages of emotions as they occur.
  3. Under Spirituality: Aspects like Bible Verses, Prayers and Faith.
  4. Under Personal Growth:  Aspects like Meditation, Reflection and Journaling, Confidence, Self-esteem and Self-care/love and Time Management.


6 Why should you even be a member of this family?

This is a very tricky question because not everyone can be pleased with what I have to offer, and there are also bigger and better blogs out there. The answer to this question is to look around when you first stumble on the blog like literally scrutinize everything: From my homepage to design, font, logo, header, footer, social media profiles— Gosh!!! The list is endless!!! Also to the exciting part!!! Check out all the pages and posts. See if it’s up to your taste and standards. Because honestly, it is all up to you. It is your choice and decision to make. Once you are done with the analysis of my blog, you would already have an answer by then.


7 Why am I inviting you to my blog?

Finally, now, I can go in-depth with my answer. Chuckles loudly!!!! You should visit my blog because I made it for you. I went through such a long and excruciating but exciting journey of finding my niche, a painless/painful, sleepless night of researching, designing, and writing. I practically became a nerd, a bookworm to develop something mind-blowing and soul awakening for my audience. I am well prepared and equipped to deliver Kayne’s original specialty to her avid readers.

Give Kaynes Specials a chance to prove herself, don’t only go after big and well-established brands. Just pop in for a few minutes on K.S.F.W, and I promise that you won’t leave the same way you came.

I know deep down that something on this blog will keep you hooked. It could be the design, articles, my tagline, or my about page and use of diction which will tickle your fancies and make you burst into laughter. It could also be my freebies and incentives or the quizzes, surveys, images, or even the way I categorized topics. You would end up with this feeling resulting in the slightest possibility of falling in love with my blog overnight.

I already have a target audience in mind, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost in an endless sea of information. My blog is not a carnival and does not contain unrelated topics that look creative on the spot but confusing to my audience. It’s like a cocktail party for the elite. Meaning, you come into K.S.F.W, see what relates to you, get your problems solved, and come back for more.


8a What is Kaynes Specials Blog Schedule?

I post three to four times a week. Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and sometimes Sundays. There will be a quiz or survey for every blog post to help you determine how well you liked the topic, how to improve the article, and your ratings. The quiz is just to know how much knowledge you gained and for fun.


  b Why should you subscribe to my mailing lists?

The question on your mind will be, “Why should I even put my email into your signup form? There is no valid reason because the blog keeps you up-to-date with information, and the freebies can be uploaded online. Also, we haven’t even gotten to that friends and fan stage since you just bumped into this site. And I could just even spam your inbox with all sorts of junk mails.

But the process of building that bond and trust with my audience starts by getting their private details. That is the first stage of trust. You are going to have to understand that as my audience. I love you all and only want the best for you. I want to talk and gist with you personally and privately and get to know your deep fears and struggles that pertain to this niche.

I know you could think that the comment section could handle some things, but having your email tops it up. It’s an opportunity to have me all to yourself. Literally, ask any questions, give any addition, or even work with me and get paid. My blog posts alone can’t do the work of getting your loyalty and trust. It takes a lot more than that.

I also need to send emails to you regularly to keep you up-to-date about products and services that will be of help. Also, to check up on you and offer any form of help you need at the moment.

I am so happy and honored that you chose to visit my blog, and I hope you find it inspirational and life-changing. Please subscribe to our newsletter. Thanks for taking the time to read this.